P. Bressan Tenor in D (voice flute) at A = 415 Hz

Peter Bressan (1663-1731) was, together with Thomas Stanesby Sr and Jr, amongst the most important baroque recorder makers working in England. He was born in Bourg-en-Bresse and baptized Pierre Jaillard. At 15 he was apprenticed to the wood-turner Pierre Boissier for two years in Bourg-en Bresse. It is not known where he learnt instrument making, but this was most probably in Paris. We can imagine that he imported into England the new style of baroque French recorders, transverse flutes and oboes. G. F. Handel - Sonata for flute and b.c. in G major   The many recorders by Bressan (at least 77) which survive testify to the care in construction and quality of materials used. Our choice of the one to copy fell on one of the two tenors in D (voice-flute), preserved in the Museo Civico Medievale di Bologna. In 1988 I was commissioned to restore these two original recorders to enable them to be used for some recordings. On that occasion I had the opportunity to study them in detail and to discover their unique sound qualities.