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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Flauto traversiere copia Denner 415 costruito da Folkers & Powell. In condizioni perfette. Completo di custodia morbida Mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Li Virghi  Praetorius soprano recorder in c  A 440 Hz Perfect instrument: I sell for change of pitch Mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wonderful Alto recorder by Ralph NETSCH Steenbergen copy Ivory & ebony Baroque fingering - Single holes - A 415 Hz Euro 1.200 mail: ganassiflute@gmail.comRossi Netsch   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Flûte à bec alto en sol. Année 2003. Instrument fabriqué par Stephan Blezinger. Modèle pré-baroque. Bois de Palissandre. Diapason 440Hz. Achetée 1500€. N'hésitez pas à me contacter PARRET M-Laure - PARENTIS EN BORN - FRANCE mail: flute-en-sol   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   H. C. Fehr treble recorder (1957), ivory, a 415, from Kees Otten's collection alto-ivory-fehr Ivory treble recorder built for Kees Otten (1924–2008) by Hans Conrad Fehr (1919–1958) in 1957. Unique instrument. Has not been played for a long period, but is in playing condition. In padded hardcase. There was a time when this was considered like Gillette: the best a man can get. Kees Otten used it a lot in concerts in the late fifties and onwards, he was a friend of the old Fehr who made it (one of his last instruments!) to fit Kees’ wishes. In that sense it represents the sound ideal of Otten, which I think adds more interest to the instrument.

Pieter van Houwelingen


 Coolsma Handmade solo soprano in C, A=442 Hz, Granadilla

I decide to sell it, even if it has a very nice tone, as I have found something better for modern repertoire. Price of a new instrumento: 626 My price: 315 I live in Bologna

Contact:  Paolo Cortelli -


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