Vincenzo Ruffo – La Brava – I dilettanti 1994 – eseguita con flauti modello Praetorius

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Vincenzo Ruffo – La Brava – I Dilettanti 1994 – Praetorius recorders

A wise saying: Find a job you love and you’ll never work!

Have you ever thought: What is the best job in the world?

A job that is like a game

A job which never tires you out!

A job which occupies your thoughts, even while you sleep.

A job which when you wake you can’t wait to start again.

A job which when you have a problem you can’t sleep until you have solved it, and when finally you do, it’s a thrill! A great excitement!

Here, our game is to make recorders! The best job in the world!

What is a recorder?

It’s air!

It’s the vibration of the spirit!

It’s the breath of emotion!

The music follows! By herself.

F.Li Virghi