warranty and services


After a purchase you  have a period of two weeks in which to test the instrument. Should for any reason this instrument not be the one you were looking for, you have the right to return it to the workshop and, depending on my work schedule, you will receive a replacement instrument in a very few time. All my instruments have a lifetime warranty for any original non-cosmetic defects in the materials and for changes in intonation. However, you are encouraged to return the instrument to my workshop for review after the first 8-12 months of regular use. Doing this not only ensures optimal performance, but also may prevent future cracking due to excessive compression of the block inside the head of the instrument.

The warranty excludes damage brought about as a result of inappropriate use or insufficient maintenance, such as warping, cracks or breakage due to excessive use, exposure to heat or accidental causes. Also excluded from the warranty is spontaneous warping of the wood, which can occur even after several years of use: this sometimes occurs with boxwood but rarely affects the performance of the instrument.

When sending an instrument for repair, under warranty or not, it is important that you include a note explaining the problem exactly. Please note that the instrument must be conveyed at your own risk and at your own expense. You may also wish to insure the instrument whilst it is in transit. The warranty expires if the instrument is tampered by other person, even if competent.


Besides the warranty service for instruments manufactured by us, we offer servicing and repair of all models of recorder of any brand. If you want to entrust us with the sale of a recorder that needs a restoration or repair, this is available via the "second-hand" page on this web-site. In this case, the restoration or repair cost will be recovered after the sale and need not be paid in advance by you.